Timber Pests Inspection

All PestMen Timber Pest Inspectors are certified under the Pest Management Act 2001.

Inhouse training is also completed for code of conduct and onsite expectations and requirements.

All digital reporting is per AS 3660.2: 2017 and AS 4349.3-2010, with the use of specialist detection tools for best practice.  Inspection reports and management plans are delivered within 24 hours of completing the job. Timber Pests Inspection

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Timber Pest Inspections

During the inspection, all areas of your property are inspected and reported on, including subfloors and roof voids. The latest technology is used for thermal imaging, termite tracking and moisture readings.

After the inspection, you will receive a termite management plan, with information on how to reduce the risk of termite activity on your property. Along with further termite treatment solutions if necessary including a competitive pest control quote.

We believe effective termite treatment is more than just an annual inspection, and therefore offer the optional service of sending you treatment reminders, hints and tips and other useful information if this is something that you would like.

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Purchasing a home can be both an exciting and stressful time. PestMen understands the importance of a pre-purchase inspection.

We use highly sensitive termite motion tracking devices to ensure a thorough inspection is undertaken.

A report will then be provided of the inspection outcome within 24 hours per AS 3660.2: 2017.

If any termite activity is detected, or treatment is required we will discuss this with you and advise you of the available treatment options.

Pest Management Systems
Chemical Barriers

PestMen offers 2 different chemical barrier solutions, a repellant chemical, or a non-detectable termiticide. These options are usually referred to as a “drill and inject’ service.

A repellant will kill termites if they try to breach the barrier, and also deter them from the area. Non-detectable termiticide will be picked up by the termites as they come in contact with it, they will then spread this upon return to their nest. This will then destroy the nest and any termites in the nest.

Initially, a trench is dug around the property to the required specifications. The trench is approximately 300mm wide and will continue down just past the footings. A chemical reticulation line is then placed in the trench and re-covered with soil. There are “fill points” installed to allow the chemical to be added, which soaks through into the soil. These fill points allow future servicing to be an easy process.

If there are areas where concrete has been laid, holes of approximately 12mm in diameter will need to be drilled. Usually, these holes are drilled about 200mm apart, but this can vary for each property. The chemical is then poured down these holes with the use of an injection rod. Flow metres are used to ensure the correct amount and level of the chemical is placed down these holes. Plastic plugs are placed over these holes once they have been filled with the chemical.

PestMen offers a 5 year warranty on termite treatments, subject to annual inspections as expected from only the best pest control companies.

The most suitable solution may vary depending on your property type, so please contact PestMen and we can discuss the best treatment option for you.

Termite Baiting System

At PestMen we only use the best products available. We recommend the Sentricon Always Active termite baiting system for your home. Sentricon has the benefits of both a baiting system and a chemical barrier. The powerful termiticide attracts any termites in the area. The termiticide is then transferred throughout the colony resulting in the elimination of the termites. This is a highly effective, safe and cost-effective solution to protect your property from termites. Timber Pests

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