Timber Pests Inspection

The importance of regular Termite Inspections and prior to purchase Pest Inspections.

  • PestMen are termite specialists, experts in termite control and termite building inspections.

  • Full termite inspections in accordance with Australian Standard 3660.2:2017 are available.

  • Standard size home $229.00. See our Home Protection packages for special offers.

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Termites eat timber and timber products or any other materials containing their main food source which is cellulose.  Almost every home contains untreated timber that termites can eat.  They cause huge amounts of damage that homeowners and businesses are completely unaware of.  this is because Termite has very soft exoskeletons (bodies), they have to remain concealed from cool air and dry heat.  To survive they have to remain in almost 100% humidity.  This means that they have to stay beneath the ground or concealed in shelter tubes.  Due to this “secretive” behaviour they gain undetected entry to structures and cuase huge amounts of damage before the property owner becomes aware.

Regular termite inspections and carrying out a timber pest inspection before you by a property is essential.

We check every inch of structures with the knowledge and the latest equipment available in the industry that is properly maintained and calibrated regularly.MMPMTimber Pests Inspection

Our Treatment Process

Physical Check

Physically checking every available timber inside the structure.  You will hear your PestMen technician tapping and testing any exposed timber for timber pest damage.

Tramex Moisture Meter

We use a tramex moisture meter to check the moisture content of every wall inside your home paying particular attention to behind wet areas like shower recesses, around windows and doors.  Moisture inside a structure causes wood decay inside the walls.  Wood decay and moisture is highly attractive to termites. 

Moisture detection is an essential part of every timber pest inspection. 

Termatrac Radar Detection Device

The Termatrac radar sensor releases high frequency low microwave emissions to penetrate walls inside the structure.  The waveforms can penetrate most building materials and detect any difference in the reflected waveform.  These differences come about from interference caused by movement which are then displayed on T3i Operate screen.  This allows PestMen Technicians to locate and track termite activity and other pest activity inside walls.

Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging is a handy tool PestMen use to detect moisture issues and termite problems.  Areas with high moisture content are cooler and areas with termite nests are warmer. 

Thermal imaging is a good way to see what could be happening inside wall cavities and ceilings.

Powerful Torch

A powerful torch is an obvious tool but it’s very important to see clearly in dark place like subfloors beneath homes and in roof void. 

Termites enjoy damp dark conditions so a powerful torch comes in very handy.

Sharp Knife

A sharp knife is an essential tool when it comes to pest inspections for prising open termite workings and inspecting wood decay.  A sharp knife is needed to perform a splinter test. 

This is an invasive form of inspection by prising a long splinter of the wood to determine the extent of damage the wood decay is causing or has caused.

Sample Collection

Sometimes PestMen will take a sample of termite infestation for identification and customer education.  When determining the species or genus of a termite infestation the technician will do so by examining the soldier termite.  Soldiers are recognizable by their pair shaped heads and mandibles (jaws).

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