Termite Treatments

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There are many ways to control termites.  How we treat termites depends on where the infestations is.  

Here is some detailed information on how we treat termites:

Termite Foaming Treatments

 The aim of any foaming treatment is to treat as many worker termites with termidor foam without disturbing them.  The more galleries or the more termites foamed, the higher chance the treatment will be a success.

Don’t panic and do not disturb the termites if you have found them in your home.  It is worth taking a couple of days to research and find out as much information as you can before acting.

No matter what method is used to treat the termites.  Disturbance or disruption of the working galleries can easily result in the termites deciding that an invasion has compromised the security of the colony.  If disturbed too much he workers begin to block off access from the area being treated.  This wil mean when it is time to treat the termites you could be treating pockets of termites that will not make it back to the nest and as result in the next reinfesting the structure.

At PestMen we use non repellent low toxicity chemicals that act slowly.  Not only is this good safe practice but if we were to use a chemical that is too strong the termites will die too quickly.  The termidor foam applied to the workings should not being to affect the termites for at least 2-3 days.  The termites are impacted by the foam directly or contaminated by the foam while using the galleries.  This will allow the termites to share the treatment amongst fellow colony members before dying.  Therefore eradicating the Full nest. PMMM

Above Ground Termite Baiting

Direct feeding a termite infestation is a good way of ensuring the elimination of a termite infestation.  The drawback of baiting termite activity is that it can become a timely process.  The Termite treatment cost can soon add up.

The process of baiting is to feed the termite nest a mixture of cellulose (an ingredient in timber) with an non toxic chemical.  The Termites exposed to the termite bait are unable to form a normal exoskeleton.  Then when it comes time for the termites to mould or shed they die.

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