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Silverfish are a primitive wingless insect. They are fast running and scale covered. Within buildings they may be found almost anywhere but they are most commonly found in roof cavities. They may also be found in wall cavities and subfloor areas, and feed on most types of human food but seem to prefer starchy materials. They cause damage to many household items such as books, photographs, cotton, linen and wallpaper. Many wardrobes on the Gold Coast suffer from a silverfish infestation, making holes in many items of clothing.

How we treat Silverfish


Inspection is important in silverfish control.  Stored goods that they typically like to infest should be thoroughly inspected. Moving and opening stored goods will disturb them, then by using a flushing agent or a quick knock down spray to treat them.

Surface Spraying

We use low toxicity surface sprays inside the house around the perimeter of each room paying particular attention to infested areas


Silverfish can be found almost anywhere in the house and the roof voids and wall cavities are a perfect hiding spot.  We treat wall cavities and roof voids with a fine powder to eliminate hidden infestations.

Here are a few non chemical tips for Silverfish control:

Inspect all incoming goods
If you have recently bought second hand furniture or second hand items from a garage sale, you could be taking someone else’s pests home.  Especially if they have been stored in a garage, roof void or shed.  Inspect them thoroughly before finding a spot for them in your home.

Inspect second hand books
Inspect any second hand books, magazines, papers or files before placing them next to your bed, in your filing cabinet or on your bookshelf.  Books that have been hidden away for a while can provide perfect conditions for Silverfish development.

Store products in tight containers
Store products that could be eaten by the Silverfish inside tight containers.  This will eliminate any food source. 

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