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Rats and mice are responsible for enormous losses of food in storage either by directly eating them or rendering them inedible through contamination. They are the culprits of sometimes thousands of dollars worth of damage to people’s homes and businesses. Gnawing at doors, skirting boards, upholstery, stored items in garages, parts of equipment and machinery. Historically the rodents have played a huge role in the transmission of disease to humans. The Bubonic Plague that killed more than 25 million people in 14th century Europe was thanks to rodents carrying fleas. They are responsible for many cases of salmonella food poisoning in restaurants. They are responsible for Weil’s disease and Jaundice among other diseases. This is why rodent infestations are no joke.

How we solve rat and mouse infestations

Rodent Baiting

A traditional way to treat rodents is with professional rodent poison bait. Rodents are clever and very cautious creatures. At PestMen we use a slower acting bait that takes a little longer for the bait to kill the rats or mice. This is to stop them becoming “bait shy”. If they see that the food (rodent bait) that they are eating is making them sick they will stop feeding on the bait. It is also the safer more environmentally friendly option. The use of powerful single feeding anticoagulants have been replaced with less toxic safer alternatives.

Will they die in my house? WIll they die inside my roof? Most of the time rats and mice will exit the place they have fed on the bait to seek water and safety. Usually back to the safety of their nest. Sometimes rats will die inside the house. Usually inside your roof which sometimes creates a nasty smell. In this case we can come back and remove the dead rat or mouse.


These traps are designed to attract the rodents and release them, a humane way to remove these pests from your property. If you are considering using a trapping device you need to be aware that under the Best Practices Act, these traps must be inspected and emptied daily.

Rodent Snap Traps

Rodent snap traps are a way of quickly killing rodents and physically removing the dead rat or mouse. Snap Traps are effective with minor infestations.

Mouse with food

Here are a few PestMen tips:

Coordinate activities with neighbours
If you live in a densely populated neighbourhood or in an apartment complex,it may be wise to coordinate activities with neighbours, aimed at preventing infestations, such as cleaning up the area or changing the landscape.

Sealing up holes and cracks
A rule of thumb ( or finger in this case) is that if you can fit your finger in the hole a rodent can squeeze through it and in the case of a mouse it’s as small as your little finger. Blocking up holes may not always stop them completely but sealing up potential places of entry can be a big help. Things like wire wool are good to stick inside the holes that they may be getting in.

Keep pet food bowls empty
As with all other pets it is good to get into the habit of Keeping your pet food bowls empty. Keep an eye on your pets while they are feeding if they don’t finish their food pick it up. Don’t leave it out for the rodents to find before you know it you’ll be hearing them inside your roof.

Clean up after feeding the birds
We live in such a beautiful place in the world, there’s nothing better than feeding the birds and enjoying their beauty. But we have to bear in mind that the birds make a mess and not only birds love to eat bread and bird seed.

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