Rodent Control Gold Coast and Brisbane

Rodent Baiting Stations (Traditional)

PestMen uses durable, low profile Rodent Baiting Stations. They are secure, tamper-proof and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

The baiting stations contain a powerful single-feeding anticoagulant, and these stations are placed strategically around your property depending on where rodent activity is.

PestMen offers regular onsite inspections, with detailed reports highlighting the areas of activity. We also offer a rodent removal service if required. Rodent Control


These traps are designed to attract the rodents and release them, a humane way to remove these pests from your property.

They eliminate having sick or dead rodents on your property and are a great solution if you are not wanting to use baited chemicals.

If you are considering using a trapping device you need to be aware that under the Best Practices Act, these traps must be inspected and emptied daily.

All PestMen traps come with a digital electronic remote monitoring system that notifies us when activity has been detected. This smart technology can be set up to send you notifications as well if you wish. 

Pest Rodent Mapping
The Future of Rodent Monitoring is Here!

PestMen has 24/7 motion touch technology, intelligent site mapping and data collection, including tracking of the spatial distribution of activity and the patterns of rodent movements. This technology is ideal for commercial properties.

Placed at strategic positions around your property, these baited stations give real-time feedback on rodent activity. This smart technology our team can provide you with accurate rodent activity patterns and rodent reduction methods.MouldMen

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