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At PestMen we only use the highest quality, low allergenic, low toxicity, low odour and environmentally friendly products. Pest Removal ServicesMM

We provide safe, effective and unobtrusive treatment solutions for pest activity around your home.

PestMen aims to transform lives by creating healthier homes and workplaces.

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Mosquito Mist

If you have a problem with mosquitos around your home, we have a treatment solution for you. Our mosquito misting treatment can be applied to your lawns, gardens, trees and other external areas. This treatment places small amounts of active ingredients in these areas, to dramatically decrease mosquito populations and interrupt their breeding cycle.

Through the reduction of adult mosquitoes this treatment also reduces the risk of vector-borne diseases, allowing you to get back outside and safely enjoy the outdoor areas of your property.

End Of Lease Spray

Moving out of a rental property and require an end of lease pest treatment? Once you have vacated the property PestMen can do a thorough internal and external spray, including flea treatment. You will  be provided with the required documentation for your real estate, making your end of lease home pest control as smooth and hassle free as possible.

Bed Bugs

These blood-sucking insects are usually found lurking in the dark. Under mattresses, around floorboards, in carpets or cracks and crevices of walls and around your property. 

Bed Bugs like to stay in close contact with each other and large populations will often have a distinct, sickly, sweet smell. Blood spotting on your mattress is another sign you may have bed bugs. They are generally most active after midnight, when most people are asleep, searching for their dinner, blood.

Treatment for bed bugs requires a combination of chemical and chemical-free procedures, along with some housekeeping and hygiene tips.

Fleas & Pet Pest Service

We understand that your pets are part of the family. We all love and adore our pets but unfortunately, so do fleas. These insects can not only invade your pets but also your home and yard.

PestMen’s Pet Pest Management Treatment is a comprehensive management program tailored to controlling pet pests both in your home and the external areas of your property.

All products used are environmentally friendly, low toxicity, hypoallergenic and low in odour. So you can feel confident that these are all safe around your pets and family.

Our products also incorporate insect growth regulators, these restrict the insects from reaching the reproduction stage. We will also let you know some helpful hints and tips to assist in keeping fleas away from your furry friends and home.


There are over 30,000 different species of wasps, the ones we are most familiar with are wrapped in bright yellow warning colours, and they can deliver a painful sting.

Treatment of wasps can be quite dangerous and is a delicate process, we recommend using professionals for wasp treatments.

PestMen uses exact and precise treatment methods and we also offer a wasp nest removal service if required.

Mites and Lice

These small, fast-moving pests conceal themselves well and can be difficult to detect.

PestMen surface sprays and complete an internal blanket spray to provide a quick and effective solution to remove the mites and lice.Pest Removal Services

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