Was your home built after 2000? If so, during construction it is likely that a physical termite barrier management system was built into it.

These barriers require annual compliance inspections, and if not taken care of can fail, allowing termites to enter the property undetected.

Termites can cause property owners thousands of dollars in damage if not identified quickly. Compliance
Many homes these days are tenanted or owners simply forget to maintain the barriers and do their own regular inspections.

The PestMen Solution

Contact us today to arrange one of our accredited technicians to visit and inspect your property.

You will be provided with a report, along with photographs of any areas that are found to be non-compliant. You will also be given our solution recommendations, per Australian standards 3660.1 for New Building Work or 3660.3 for Existing Building Work.

The report will also point out any conducive areas that need attention to maintain a pest-free environment. If you wish we can also arrange to send you further information, hints and tips on how to inspect the perimeter of your home between visits and things to look out for that can indicate termite activity.MouldMenPestMen

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