Clothes Moths

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Clothes Moths are widely known for causing damage to wollens, fur, felts, carpets and other materials of animal origin.  In Australia, casemaking clothes moths and webbing clothes moths are the more prevalent species.  They tend to be more frequently encountered in coast areas where the humidity is higher.  Only the lava of the moth actually causes the damage.

How we treat Clothes Moths


We require some help when it comes to the treatment of clothes moths.  A thorough vacuum of all carpets and inspection of all potentially infested items should be carried out before we arrive.

Surface Spraying

We use low toxicity surface sprays inside the house around the perimeter of each room paying particular attention to infested areas.


Roof voids and wall cavities are a perfect hiding spot for any pest.  We treat wall cavities and roof voids with a fine powder to eliminate hidden pest infestations.

Surface Sprarying
Roof Void

Here are a few tips to fight back against Clothes Moths:

Thoroughly vacuum frequently
If your carpet or furniture is made from a natural product it may be open to infestiation.  The lava of the moth tends to affect areas that are undisturbed and dark.  Regular thorough vacuuming of carpets and furniture paying particular attention to carpet edges and areas covered by furniture will reduce the likelihood of infestation.

Regular inspections of stored clothing or blankets
If you have clothing stored away for long periods of time they could be harboring an infestation. Inspect clothing and stored blankets on a regular basis.

Store products in tight containers
When clothes are to be stored for a long period of time they should be thoroughly cleaned and wrapped up tightly.  Store products that could be eaten by the lava inside tight containers.  This will eliminate any food source for the Clothes Moth larvae.

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