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Eradicating any ant nests and deterring future colonies for 6 months inside your home.

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Ant pest control is a service that PestMen provide. Ant control can sometimes be difficult for homeowners. With knowledge of the species of ant and the best ant products available on the market available to PestMen, we are equipped to be your ant exterminator company.

In Australia there are over 3000 species of ant. Ants are social insects that live in permanent nests. The size of the nest varies enormously and are mostly located mostly in soil, wood and among rocky ground. All ants can only digest liquid. They carry solling objects back to the nest so they can begin the process of breaking them down with saliva, fungi and moisture. This behaviour is key information when baiting an ant nest.

The first step in ant control is to spray ants with a non repellent low toxicity chemical that does not kill them straight away. The key to controlling ants is to have as many ants as possible come into contact with an active ingredient. If you use a product that kills the ants quickly or the pesticide is mixed too strongly you will not achieve long term ant control. It should take around 2-4 days for the active ingredient to make it to most of the colony. This amount of time depends on the size of the ant nest and species.

Although non repellent chemicals are excellent in ant control sometimes baiting is a good option. Most ant species are capable of nesting in places indoors in wall spaces, ceiling and wall insulation, crevices in furniture etc. This means spraying isn’t always an option.

There are many professional ant bait products available and choosing the correct bait depends on the species. Each species of ant have their own food preference, sugar, protein and fat and oil. What they like to eat determines what bait would be best for ant control.MM

Sugar Feeding Ants

  • White Footed House Ant

  • Black House Ant

  • Ghost Ant

  • Argentine Ant

  • Carpenter Ant

  • Hairy Ant

Protein Feeding Ants

  • Pharaoh Ant

  • Meat Ant

  • Bulldog Ant

  • Pavement Ant

  • Singapore Ant

  • Green-headed Ant

Fat & Oil Feeding Ants

  • Coastal Brown Ant

  • Native Fire Ant or Ginger Ant

  • Red Imported Fire Ant


Here are a few PestMen tips to help this from happening:

Clean up food spills immediately
Clean up before the foraging ants find what you have spilled.

Remove unconsumed pet foods
Keep pet food bowls empty.  Keep an eye on your pets while they are feeding, if they don’t finish their food don’t’ leave it out for the ants to find.

Keep all foods in airtight containers
Stop the ants from finding your sugar and other stored foods that they might decide to take a shine to.

Seal all cracks and crevices
Ants can get into your home any number of ways but making it hard fro them to establish themselves inside your home is a step closer to solving the problem.

Trim plants and trees that touch the exterior of your home
Vegetation overhanging or against the home is always an issue when it comes to pest. If you trim plants away from the house it will reduce the number of points of entry for the ants and other pests.

Keep kitchen benches clean and sinks free of dirty dishes
Clean up any spills or dirty dishes before the ants find them.

Sap sucking plant pests may support and attract ants
Ask your PestMen technician about sap sucking plant pests treatments.  These plant pests have a pretty peculiar deal going with ant colonies.  They secrete little drops of honey dew that the ants love to drink.  In return the ants protect them from predators. There are several types of these pests (like green scale and aphids) that can help support nearby colonies.

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